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a woman in a blue dress standing next to a man with a saxophone on stage
1971: Classic Rock's Classic Year
a woman with long blonde hair sitting at a table in front of shelves filled with glass bottles
Joni Mitchell, Los Angeles, CA 1968
a cave with water in the background and buildings on the other side, seen from inside
Matala Beach in Crete - Cretico Blog
The view from a cave in Matala Beach
two people are sitting on rocks in front of a cave like building with small windows
The Hippie Caves of Matala that housed Joni Mitchell
The Hippie Caves of Matala that housed Joni Mitchell
an image of a painting on the wall
Turbulent indigos: glorious Joni Mitchell watercolours – in pictures
a painting of a woman's face with her eyes closed and wearing a blue shirt
Charitybuzz: Limited Edition Giclee Print, Signed by Legendary Singer, Songwriter, and Painter Joni Mitchell
a woman playing guitar in front of a microphone
Photo of Joni MITCHELL