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Maori soldiers of the Native Contingent appear in high spirits in this photo, taken in Egypt early 1915. After a few weeks in Egypt the contigent was sent to Malta for garrison duties, while the remaining N.Z. soldiers went to Gallipoli. The heavy casualties at Anzac Cove meant that any idea of the Native Contingent being kept out of the fighting was soon abandoned. The Maori soldiers landed at Gallipoli on 2 July 1915.

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Portrait - No known copyright restrictions

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New Zealand. Army. 1st Maori Contingent. Scroll of the 1st New Zealand Maori Contingent, 1915. Auckland War Memorial Museum Library. MS-624. No known copyright restrictions.

Members of the Maori Pioneer Battalion perform a Haka for visiting N.Z. prime minister William Massey and deputy prime minister Ward, France, 1918. After Gallipoli the Native Contingent, along with Maori and Pacific Island reinforcements, was re-formed into a pioneer battalion.

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