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a large white room with marble floors and walls
@memoir_essence_furniture님의 이 Instagram 사진 보기 • 좋아요 69개
an empty walkway leading to a building with grass and bushes on either side of it
preciousandfregilethings: acidadebranca: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe | The German Pavilion | Barcelona | 1929
three different views of the same building and some other architectural details, including an open floor plan
modern villa by NG architects
a large wooden building with many windows on the side and grass in front of it
Bureaux L - Farmer’s office | Vanessa Larrère
BUREAUX L - FARMER’S OFFICE PRIX DE LA PREMIÈRE OEUVRE 2011 LIPOSTHEY, LANDES, / FRANCE / 2011 by Vanessa Larrère #architecture #farm #design #vitra
an empty building with planters in front of it at night, lit up by lights
A estrutura de concreto da foto é um projeto do escritório UTAA para o campus da Universidade de Seul na Coréia do Sul. A construção na fachada tem estética geométrica e encanta os transeuntes quando as luzes internas fazem sombra na rua. Foto: Jin Hyo-suk. #design #arquitetura #decoração by arkpad
a car parked in front of a modern house
Xem ảnh này của @contemporaryhomes trên Instagram • 1,065 lượt thích
an outdoor garden with stepping stones and trees
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Pavers in pebbles- pleached row of trees
a modern kitchen with marble counter tops and white cabinetry, along with hanging lights
Marble Kitchen Love via @adesignersmind ❤️ #dotandpop #kitchen #interiordesign…
a fire pit sitting on top of a gravel field next to a large glass window
Stuart Tanner Architects
Stuart Tanner Architects
four burners are on the counter top
Tipo do fogão e cor da bancada Pitt cooking, de nieuwe kooksensatie -#Poggenpohl
a bathroom with a bathtub, sink and lights hanging from the ceiling above it
PEACE OF MIND | MUSA STUDIO | Interior design
two photos showing the inside and outside of a building with doors open to let in light
A Contemporary Barn Inspired Home In Sydney
This contemporary home has barn doors on exposed tracks, brass fixtures, and textured surfaces.
two black wooden buildings sitting on top of a gravel field
Black-stained Dungeness beach house by Rodić Davidson
two wooden buildings sitting next to each other on top of a cement slab near the ocean
Northface House in Stavanger, Norway by Element Arkitekter AS - ArchShowcase
Northface House in Stavanger, Norway by Element Arkitekter AS