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A collection of beautiful photographs to showcase the stunning appeal of cruising around New Zealand! Please join us in documenting how amazing a cruise…
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a large body of water surrounded by lush green hills and mountains with a cruise ship in the distance
Travel » Napier i-SITE Visitor Centre
Napier NZ - Travel » Napier i-SITE Visitor Centre
a boat floating on top of a large body of water surrounded by fog covered mountains
Lake Wakatipu, Otago, South Island, New Zealand
an aerial view of the coast, water and land with text that reads coastal cruising handbook
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Coast Cruising Handbook (NZ)
a black and white boat sailing in the ocean
The Spirit of New Zealand, the NZ Tall Ship Training yacht.
a cruise ship docked at a dock with other ships in the water and trees around it
Early morning ... Arcadia in Napier 7 March 2013
a harbor filled with lots of boats next to a large white building at night time
Cruise Port of Napier
a large body of water next to a dock with lots of shipping containers on it
A little while before a gorgeous winter's sunset overlooking Napier Port from Bluff Hill lookout by SeeOneSoulPhotography
two people looking at a whale in the ocean with a boat on the water behind them
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Whale watching, Kaikoura Majestic and serene, the whales at Kaikoura will fill you with wonder. A deep ocean canyon passes close to the Kaikoura shore. It provides lots of food for the deep-diving sperm whales, so they live here throughout the year. Seven other species visit at different times, including humpbacks, southern rights and the mighty blue whales.
two people standing on the deck of a cruise ship looking out at mountains and water
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Time to cruise Cruising is a relaxing, luxurious way to explore New Zealand. It’s like having a travelling hotel, so that you can visit many destinations without ever having to repack your suitcase. Cruises range from quick three-day short breaks to comprehensive two-week voyages that take in both the North and South Islands.
a man and woman standing on the deck of a boat watching the sun go down
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The cruising life On a Kiwi cruise, you’ll wake up to something new every day. After a sumptuous breakfast, you’ll be offered a choice of shore trips that let you discover the best of New Zealand – wildlife sanctuaries, wineries, geothermal attractions, golf, nature walks and much more. Cruising takes the hard work out of travel every time.
a man and woman laying on top of a boat
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Sun, sand and sailing From downtown Auckland, fantastic sailing experiences depart for the inner harbour and the islands of the Hauraki Gulf Maritime Park. Voyages range from a couple of hours to full-day or overnight adventures. Auckland offers easy access to exceptional cruising grounds with sheltered waters and beautiful uninhabited islands. As you explore the bays and white-sand beaches, it’s hard to believe you’re so close to New Zealand’s largest city.
a pier on the water with mountains in the background
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Lake Wakatipu The second largest of the southern glacial lakes, Lake Wakatipu is about 75 kilometres long and is bordered on all sides by glaciated mountains, the highest of which is Mount Earnslaw (2819 metres). The historic TSS Earnslaw, the steam boat visible in this picture, cruises the lake several times a day.
a large cruise ship in the water with city skyline behind it on a sunny day
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Cruising from Auckland During spring, summer and autumn, Auckland is a popular port of call for all kinds of cruise ships. From super-luxury vessels to cheap-and-cheerful love boats, there’s something for every budget. You can catch a cruise around New Zealand or visit countries in the South Pacific. You can also cruise to Australia.
an aerial view of a cruise ship sailing in the ocean with mountains and islands behind it
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Cruise into a World Heritage area From a steamer chair on the Promenade Deck, the amazing natural beautiful of Fiordland is totally absorbing. You’re seeing the untouched scenery that impressed Captain Cook when he sailed into Fiordland more than 230 years ago. It’s easy to see why this part of New Zealand has World Heritage status.
a man and woman holding hands walking next to a boat
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Another fabulous day in Queenstown Every day brings an amazing new adventure in alpine Queenstown. Jet-boating in the Shotover Gorge yesterday, cruising on Lake Wakatipu today and maybe horse riding in Arrowtown tomorrow. Between activities you can discover wonderful restaurants, cafés and bars. Or it might be time for a shopping spree – look for clothes, art and beautiful homeware.