Cape Kidnappers

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two seagulls with their beaks touching each other
Inspiring Photo: Gannets #11181181
Gannets. Cape Kidnappers, New Zealand
a flock of seagulls sitting on the ground
Happy New Zealand
Gannet at Cape Kidnappers, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
the ocean is blue and clear as it sits on top of a hill next to an orange cliff
Essential New Zealand Private Guided Tour
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
the cover of cape runappers new zealand, featuring an airplane flying over a beach
Cape Kidnappers
Cape Kidnappers by Contour Creative Studio, via Flickr
two birds are standing next to each other with their beaks open and eyes closed
Gannets mating, Cape Kidnappers Gannet Colony, near Napier, Hawke's Bay region, North Island, New Zealand. | Blaine Harrington III
Cape Kidnappers Gannets
a view of the ocean and beach from an overlook point with cliffs in the background
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Cape Kidnappers, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Australasian Gannet [sea bird] colony and named by Capt. James Cook in 1769.
an image of the ocean and coastline with caption that reads nappie new zealand coastline celebrity cruises
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The port of Napier is a gateway to the beautiful Hawkes bay area. Due to the geology of the area significant marine and land dinosaur fossils have been found inland in this area.
a bird flying over the ocean on top of a green hill next to some water
East Coast Holiday: Cape Kidnappers
Saddle Colony, Cape Kidnappers, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
an aerial view of the ocean and cliffs
Hawke's Bay New Zealand | Official Tourism Website
Hawkes Bay Tourism :: Visit Hawkes Bay Official Tourism - Hastings, Napier, Havelock North
an aerial view of the golf course at whistling island, near porthcoet
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