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Sunlight Through the Trees from The Secret World of Arrietty by Studio Ghibli (edge of Forest of Shade)

Can you imagine a life without the sun? It is a new tomorrow, a light above human darkness. It is a guide, a gift. It gives life to the trees, which give life to us. We could not breathe without the sun.

Enchantment and light are  gifts  from fairies to those of us who live in this world they share with us.

The beautiful radiant Light of Heaven is emerging all around us on this Earth for those who look through the eyes of Love. This is when we see the beauty of Heaven emerging on Earth.

Sanctuary by Linum7 on DeviantArt

There is a place in the Gate World like this, where Ani and her companions take refuge. It is protected by an ancient magic that allows them to go undetected, for a time. Credit: The Art Of Animation,

Clematis urophylla Winter beauty – Winter flowering evergreen clematis

Clematis urophylla: Winter Beauty - Evergreen, Winter Flowering with a Slight Scent. Flowers are a Waxy Bell. Needs Some Winter protection. Pruning only Necessary for Growth Restriction.