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an abstract painting with pink, yellow and green colors
Geometric Birds 2 (Procreate-iPad Pro)
This is a new series of ten birds drawn on an iPad Pro in Procreate with an Apple Pencil.
an orange and yellow polka dot pattern on a light green background with red, yellow, and pink dots
Megan Monismith
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a bunch of different colored fabrics with flowers and leaves on them, all lined up together
Could make own papers and then die cut from them.
an abstract painting with lots of colors and brush strokes on it's paper background
Abstract Garden Party Yoga Mat
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
Cutout art mix
Cutout art mix by Lera Efremova on @creativemarket
an abstract pattern with blue, yellow and pink paint strokes on white paper that has black dots in the middle
Colorful brush strokes pattern | yellow pink blue and black palette
an abstract painting with pastel colors and shapes in shades of grey, pink, green, blue
A Side Project
AUG | Shape | Colourway 2 © Louise Jones
an abstract painting with pink, purple and blue shapes on white paper that has been drawn by hand
A Side Project
AUG | Shape | Colourway 1© Louise Jones
an image of clouds and rain coming out of the sky with grungy paint
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Passing Shower Pink