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there is a desk with some writing materials on it
two popcorn bags with the word the on them are next to a piece of paper
How I Taught My Primary Students to Love Reading
there is a book and some rocks on the table with it's name written
Project Pet Rock (Craft and Procedural Writing Activity)
Teaching Aids, Teaching Grammar, Teaching English, Language Art Activities, Teaching Kids, Teaching Reading, Grammar Activities
Make Learning Fun with These Punctuation Mark Stick Puppets
the 7 favorite writing center activities for kids
Writing Center Activities
a yellow submarine and pink van with the words, free build cv words sentences
**FREE** Build CVC sentences www.worksheetsenglish.com
OPINION WRITING - teaching kindergarten first grade and second grade FREE LESSONS
an individual writing goals poster on a bulletin board
Goal Setting in the Prep Classroom - Little Lifelong Learners
the writing goals poster is displayed on carpet
Pinterest, oh my!!
a bulletin board with writing goals written on it
Writing Posters
a printable worksheet for making sentences with capital letters and the letter e
**FREE** 'Write the short vowel sentences'.
two printable worksheets with words and pictures on them
FREE ‘Write the secret sentence’ Pack 1