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an iphone screen with the netflix app on it
50 Hilarious Memes That Antisocial People Will Find Relatable, As Shared By The “Fear Of Going Out” Instagram Page (New Pics)
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flour mills flowered fabric sacks
the screen shot shows an image of a baby wrapped in a blanket, and it's captioning
15 Times Tumblr Got Really Deep
the words are written in different languages, and there is also an image of a woman's face
Apollo's Hunt - 1: A Drastic Change
two women with different facial expressions and the caption that says, what is it?
Picture memes rk1DNsj37 — iFunny
an advertisement for a baby's bottle with two babies on it and the words, big strong little boy
Pointless expectations for emotional expression
the blue lava is located in indonesia, this lava burst so fast and it's high temperature turns blue
Why Does This Indonesian Volcano Burn Bright Blue?
two pieces of bread with jam on them and strawberries in the middle, sitting on a cutting board
UberFacts @UberFacts "Jams" are made from real fruit. "Jelly" is made from fruit juice. "Preserves" have chunks of fruit while "marmalades" have pulps and peels. - iFunny
two tweets are shown with the caption that reads, it took until 2013 to have a female cpu dummy?