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three paper cutouts of people with different body shapes and haircuts on them
Anna & Tommy und die Anatomie
the number eight is next to an egg
JAZLYN FUNG on Instagram: "‼️🙂For people who downloaded the 800G..🪤 Have you ever noticed that there is a double egg yolks symbol in the glyphs panel?🥚🕳️ 🥃I was creating this bizarre symbol just for 800G and hid it in the glyphs panel. I think it quite matches the concept of these fonts haha.. being bold and fun♟️🪤 🧽I wish I can still spend more time learning and developing my type design as well as trying new things and collaborating with amazing people in 2023🪑 And Thank you all the pe
two paintings of a woman's face with her mouth open and the other half opened
three notebooks with different images of people's faces on them, one is open and the other has an orange marker
DIY Flip book with funny faces - Savvy Sassy Moms
the words slow down you're doing fine you can't be everything you wanna about
Vienna by Billy Joel Print
Made by me as always! Follow my art insta for more @malhooperart #vienna #lyrics #print #billyjoel #classic #wallart #girly #funprint #art #blue #download #musicart #musicprint #aesthetic
an image of a man and woman on a piece of paper
le ballon
an image of a laundry room with writing on the wall and chairs around it in red
an open book with two pictures of men in different poses and the same man without his shirt
Films, Editorial Design, Book Design, Visual Design, Photo Book, Book Cover
Rare Mags - Magazine & Book Shop, Stockport, Manchester, UK
a collage of children's drawings and pictures
Desert Dreamer