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a woman wearing a necklace with a doll attached to it
Dorimu fairy necklace
two dolls are standing next to each other on a white background, one is holding the other's hand
Seres de lana
Muñecas de fieltro / Artista: Cristina Bernadá (Uruguay) / Nota: Seres de lana (por más info:
the paper doll is cut out and ready to be used for making it's own clothes
Teeny Tiny Faerie Flora pattern by Alisson Marano
a hand holding a tiny stuffed animal with flowers in it's hands and a ladybug on its back
Пчела солнечная, шерстяная..+)
MAROUSSIA NOVOKRESHCHENOVA -- "Solar Bee, wool .. +)" -- 15 cm.. -- November 7, 2011.
two pictures of a stuffed animal with yellow and black stripes
This little felt bee is super cute and will bring cheer to any bookshelf, work desk, or lucky recipient. He would be the perfect quirky gift for bee lovers and beekeeping enthusiasts everywhere. #needlefelt #felt #bumblebee #ad
three different views of the same table and bench made out of wood planks,
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Una mesa de picnic mini donde pueden apoyar pequeñas cosas.
the instructions for how to make felted toadstool mushrooms with wool and yarn
Tiny Felted Toadstools
Make your very own tiny felted toadstools with our step-by-step tutorial. Small, simple, and straightforward -- make shroom for some felting in your life!
a small doll is sitting on top of the moon with three pink balls around it
Dieser Artikel ist nicht verfügbar - Etsy
Traumfänger & Mobiles - Mobile "Die Mondfee" - ein Designerstück von Giodali bei DaWanda
there is a small doll sitting on top of a wooden table with flowers in the background
Needle felted doll Waldorf doll Mother wiith daughter doll | Etsy México
Needle felted doll Waldorf doll Mother wiith daughter doll
the doll is wearing a blue dress with flowers on it