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an image of a painting of soldiers in front of a fire
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Cloud Ladder: ancient Chinese military equipment for attacking troops to mount the city wall
an ancient object with animals and birds on it
Ancient Sumeria Discoveries That Have Astounded Todays Historians New Documentary 2018
a close up of a gold and black mask on display in a dark room with other items
Birds in bronze - SanXingDui
A gold-plated mas, Sanxingdui culture, State of Shu (蜀), an ancient state in what is now Sichuan, China. Shu was based on the Chengdu Plain, in the western Sichuan basin. This independent Shu state was conquered by the state of Qin in 316 BC, but recent archaeological discoveries at Sanxingdui and Jinsha thought to be sites of Shu culture indicate the presence of a unique civilization in this region before the Qin conquest.
a woman standing in the middle of an alley way with buildings on both sides and mountains in the background
R̸K̸さんはInstagramを利用しています:「The road is lonely, but ancient legends of the samurai are still alive. @instagram - #whplayers ・ ・ ・ ・ #beautifuldestinations…」
Cobbled street in HuangLongXi Ancient town (Chengdu, China) Destinations, Chinese Architecture, Asia Travel, Chengdu, China Architecture, Asian Architecture, Chinese Landscape
Guide to HuangLongXi Ancient Town (黄龙溪镇) (Chengdu, China)
Cobbled street in HuangLongXi Ancient town (Chengdu, China)
a boat is going down a canal with people on it and trees lining the sides
Lost In Time In Suzhou, China - Dame Traveler
The most quiet and still of places still echo their history. Suzhou's quiet channels, ancient gardens and aged alleyways are just the place to remind yourself just that. Suzhou is a gem hidden and distilled in its ancientness.
an old chinese village in autumn with red leaves on the trees and mountains behind it
Furon town Hunan china
Furon town Hunan, China by enrico barletta / 500px More
微博 Studio, Outfits, Chinese Traditional Dress, Chinese Dresses, Chinese Heritage
『Ancient ♢ China 』 Chinese Traditional Costume, Chinese Aesthetic, Chinese Art, Asian Photography
Ancient China
『Ancient ♢ China 』
old chinese coins are stacked on top of each other
Ancient Japan Japanese Coins. I want them!