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A thousand cups of coffee over a thousand carat diamond.  #coffee #milk #mornings

It's great to wake up to coffee. Whether you drink it black or with cream, it's the most beautiful thing to see first thing in the morning.

art direction | arnaud deroudilhe junk fruit

By now you should know that we are always fond of food and fruit concepts. The “Junk Fruit” series by French photographer Arnaud Deroudilhe shows a mix of healthy and junk by lit

Break A Sweat! // #AmericanDeadstock

Have a Lollipops and LipSense Demo Party: Serve sweet pops and show your guests that LipSense won't come off as they enjoy their sticky treat. Have fun matching LipSense shades to their favorite flavors!

universe of chaos

Serving only the best at One Oak! From your marbled Rib-eyes to your lean succulent fillets

Sometimes simple is best. (This is far and away my most re-pinned pin!)

Just a quick reminder to come try our brand new raspberry cream cheese pie! I like how simple this photo is. I also like the how red the berries look against the brown. It makes me want a handful of berries.