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paperqueen: Umschlag-Leporello-Karte
Vest from Scarf Upcycled
By making 2 marks on the side of your thumb, and moving your thumb along as you work, you have a built in gauge for exact stitch length, without marking up your fabric. Genius, right?  PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT MY THUMB NOR MY IDEA. This anonymous thumb is perhaps the most intelligent thumb in all of history.
Super easy way to get that pouring tea pot/kettle into a teacup look for your backyard. You will need:A tea/coffee pot of your choice (Thrift Store)Candle holde…
Rustic Rhubarb Tart
Spicy Rhubarb Chutney
Chunky Rhubarb Sauce
Rhubarb Lemonade
What Is A Scam That Everyone Needs To Be Warned About? --Brandon Le, designer | technologist 1.8k upvotes by Sherwin Wu, Paulinus Nwosu, Elizabeth Leclair, (more) Having backpacked through Europe and Asia, I can say that this infographic is the single greatest awareness resource for travelers in general. During my travels, I have seen almost every one of these techniques used and/or attempted. - Quora
20+ DIY Corner Shelves to Beautify Your Awkward Corner