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broken doll face victorian - Google Search

Lost and Forgotten Doll

this isn't happiness™ (Doll face), Peteski

["Dolls" - photography series by Jessica Tampas.

Yeah,  this really makes me want to go to a dentist.

because dentists aren't scary enough!

The boy was like a puppet; always wearing a mask to hide what he was feeling and always did as he was told. The strings cut into his wrists, and the little fight in him said to keep going, but his mind told him to give up and conform to fit society.

The boy with the black eyes was once a puppet. Now that he’s cut his strings, he has to show the silent blonde how to free herself from hers. Read Erica Cameron’s SING SWEET NIGHTINGALE

When The Past Came Knocking... Image by Mysa Enn. ☀♠️

Just one more step into darkness. Image by Mysa Enn.

Daniel Vazquez (American Ghoul) is a photographer from the San Fransisco Bay Area who creates haunting images inspired by the dark and occult.

The occult, the dark and mysticism are the main themes in Daniel’s work, exploring death, the darkness that lives in the shadows and dark symbolism.

Hospitale by Feebrile

Dancing up hair down © Féebrile - - Hospitale, S

Creeping myself out at night watching ghost documentaries, horror films, and or scary game play.

we all see this on halloween horror movie nights on the sofa don't we ? b- movie lovers photo art coming to get you

Welcome To The CREEPSHOW

Twisted Art For Twisted Minds : Photo

Rumpelstiltskin is still my favorite childhood story. Spinning wheel inside the Blackhouse at Arnol. Scotland

Rumpelstiltskin /Spinning wheel inside the Blackhouse at Arnol.