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a woman climbing up the side of a cliff on a glass walkway with railings
Tianmen Mountain in is a very popular tourist attraction because of the Glass sky walk, located 4,690 feet above the sea level on the side of the Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie province of China. Walking on this see-through glass is a terrifying and thrilling experience, but definitely not for the faint of heart. YES!
there is a very tall mountain with a bridge going up it's side and the words, pesiism never won any battle
Heaven's Gate Mountain, Zhangjiajie City, China
an island in the middle of the ocean with a castle on it's head
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Beautiful Honshu Island, Japan - adds new meaning to walking on water! This would be the coolest place to visit ever!
an outdoor dining area next to the ocean with tables and chairs set up on the cliff
World's Most Amazing Restaurants with a View. This list alone could be a perfect bucket list. {Pic: Grotta Palazzese - Puglia, Italy}
there is a bridge that has been made out of bamboo sticks and the words tu sige construyendo
Sunset in Batu Belig Beach, Badung, Bali, Indonesia
several people are standing in the water near a beach with two boats and an arch
Benagil Sea Cave, Algarve Portugal
two people are swimming in the ocean
100 Reasons Why Summer Rules
Madeira, Portugal
a person walking on the beach in front of an arch shaped structure that looks like it has been built into the ground
The Forgotten Temple Of Lysistrata (Sea Caves Near Benagil Beach), Algarve, Portuga - Top Vacation Travel Destinations
people are walking on the beach near some rocks and boats in the clear blue water
Portugal - Lagos, Praia do Camilo
algarve, portugal
an aerial view of the city at dusk
Buenos Aires, Argentina (THE BEST TRAVEL PHOTOS)
Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the end of the 19th century, and during the last two decades of the 20th century, Argentina received 1 million Italian immigrants.
an aerial view of a large glacier in the middle of some mountains and blue water
Argentina. Patagonia. PN de Los Glaciares. Glaciar Perito Moreno
the leaning tower of pisa is shown at sunset
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
Leaning Tower of Pisa - Tuscany, Italy - Seven Wonders of the Medieval World
the inside of an ornate building with colorful walls and ceilings
Castello di Sammezzano (Reggello/ Italy)
Castello di Sammezzano in Reggello, Tuscany, Italy wow. this is really pretty stunning!
several people are swimming in the water near some rocks
MINERAL BATHS, TUSCANY ITALY Next time I am in Italy I will have to find these.Has anyone been here?