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two tweets that are on the same page, one has an interesting message
Tumblr Thread: The Extremely Suspicious Not-Mob Guy
four different types of writing on paper with ink and watermarks, all lined up in rows
VZW Wi-Fi marshmallow-fluffy fallingofechoes Follow ragabond Follow sio subway rat made eye contact with me and said "join us. when the train comes we slide under the tracks and feel it rumble over us like a warm thunderstorm. we live forever and we love to live" I said no thank you I am too large he turned away from me I cried this is a poem lord-of-wolves Follov \ RAT MAdE BYE CONTACT Gy* wit ME Join SAID, US. whtn THE TRAIN COMES, we umenE ER LIKE we LONG To I SAID, No THANK You am Too LARGE We TvRNeD AWAY FROM ME i couldn't not draw this someonesfavoriteworstnightmare Foll the rat poem is too powerful that's why they don't talk about it 163,609 notes oa - iFunny
a cartoon character is standing on the beach
only sometimes
a cartoon character standing on rocks with the words deez nuts
mega mind deez nuts
an image of a person on twitter
an image of a man's face with fake teeth and mustaches on his head
cartoon characters with caption that reads, i'm queen i belong to the lgbt family
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an image of some type of text
Anti-pick up lines - FunSubstance
the text is written in black and white on a piece of paper that says girls
an image of the english game place on the sentence
When this English game drove everyone crazy.
the tweet has been posted to someone who is on twitter and it looks like he
Thanks, I love Tuesdays
an image of a pair of shoes with the words, doesn't wear pad
When you think your period is over and then "SURPRISE!!!!"