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David Hilliard

David Hillard is a huge inspiration for me. His way of photographing and editing…

david hilliard | DAVID HILLIARD - Miracle, 1994

David Hilliard creates large scale multi-paneled photographs, based on his life or the lives of people around him.

If his hand was the picture for the end this would be the idea of light I need for the end.

Light is dream We can see and catch, Bend it to our will. Impossible to hold Between our hands It is a prayer That lifts us out of night. By example, As if to say we too Can be a light, Help someone step up Out of darkness Into day.

I just like the back lit/cloud effect against the silhouette

I love this photograph because it is so minimalistic. The dramatic lighting and silhouette give a really mysterious feeling which is exactly what I am going for with the character design.

I've had such an obsession with hard shadow photography for years. This is just amazing.

The shadows on this image look like they are being reflected from some sort of blinds/windows. the fact that the photo is black and white it makes the shadows and light on the persons body stand out a lot more with a really good coordination of stripes.