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When She Quoted Dr. Seuss - All the Times Ronda Rousey Proved She& a Badass - Livingly

Shattered my heart actually to the point where I couldn't eat, sleep or think clearly lol. I had physical pain in my stomach and chest lmao the power somr people have over you is incredible 😅🖕🏻

make it happen. shock everyone. make it to la.

make it happen. shock everyone.

quote, stress, and wallpaper image

there is a reason you meet people

Everything Happens For A Reason Print // Motivational Print // Home Wall Art

God's timing is everything

Oh, I've learned this so many times and I'm finally starting to appreciate it.

And what it is is over. Leave me alone. You will never hurt me again. I will never again hurt another over you. Like you discarded me, you are now no longer worth it.