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an outdoor structure made out of sticks in the woods
Meditation Space
meditation space. DIY Gazebo / pergola great idea| I think I could do this... There's soooo many branches laying on the ground by me!
a teepee made out of branches and brooms in the dirt next to a wooden fence
Build a tipi for hours of creative play.I use to do this for hours when I was a kid.I would love to do it with Nate and Abby.
an outhouse made from bamboo sticks and logs
Jake made this hut out of yard debris
an outdoor bed made out of wood with curtains on it's sides and trees in the background
Photo Tour
Memphis Botanical Garden puppet stage
a man sitting in the middle of a forest with a light at his feet and two cats nearby
50 Kids Forts
childrens play forts -- awesome outdoor fort, good activity for weekend at the beach cabin..
a little boy sitting in front of a teepee tent made out of wood sticks
For the 1st grade garden area!
a man and woman sitting in front of a teepeet with the words how to build an awesome den
How to build an awesome den - Botanical photography fine art prints & nature inspiration
How to build an awesome den in the woods PLUS resources with tips and help on building dens and forts with kids
a teepee made out of sticks and leaves on the grass in front of a field
Account Suspended
I love this natural den - from Kids in the Garden (",)
a small tent made out of rocks and moss
Monday Inspiration
Fantastic living tipi / hut