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the instructions for how to make clay recipe are shown in this screenshoter's manual
DIY air dry clay | Diy air dry clay, Clay crafts air dry, Homemade clay
an acoustic guitar sitting on top of a stage next to other musical instruments and signs
many signs are attached to the wall with clothes pins
prayer wall
Prayer wall, shopping, #seaside
this is who jesus died for framed mirror on blue velvet bench in room with wood paneling
A simple reminder for my students...
several pieces of paper hanging on a wall with notes attached to the pegs that hold them
Prayer notes
a sign that says god is writing your story on it in front of some windows
a sign that is hanging on a wooden wall with tags attached to it and some writing on the board
sewing supplies are laid out on a wooden surface, including a piece of cloth and thread
frog (or toad) doll tutorial
frog (or toad) doll tutorial – ann wood handmade
many boxes are stacked on top of each other