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a carrot sticking out of the side of a pink wall with yellow paint on it
seoul based designer hitencho uses pigmented expanding foam to create 'pop series'
there is a blue elephant on top of a roll of toilet paper
Getting by With a Little Art From Your Friends
a ceramic figurine depicting the palm of jesus with seven children on it's hands
The Scary Hand of Jesus
a woman with her arm wrapped around a rock covered in sea glass and seashells
Memor Studio - Jessie Cundiff
several images of different shapes and sizes of objects
curated contemporary art /// KyleMontgomery
"crystal mary" sculptures by kyle montgomery
a black and white drawing of a skeleton in a box with words written on it
Pumpkin Land
Is that why everyone gathers around and throw's a party? Makes sense now!
this isn't happiness™ - photo caption contains external link Mixed Media Art, Collage Art, Montage Photo, Wow Art, Pics Art, Art Plastique, Grafik Design, Medium Art, Art Direction
this isn't happiness.
this isn't happiness™ - photo caption contains external link