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Love this for our class project
Inspired by Jasper Johns
VALUE:  Mondrian style tints and shades
1) Discuss value of colours and gradients.  2) Choose a colour  3) On two equal sheets of paper students paint the spectrum of their colour (starting at almost white and going up to dark verisions). To start they need to have white pa...int and SLOWLY add TINY amounts of their colour -- easier than adding white to the colour.  4) After it dries, they choose shape.  5) Cut out TONNES of the shapes, small, big, etc.  6) Glue them onto the other sheet and overlap them all over.    They will…
2nd grade cubism-oil pastels--like the ways the facial features are done individually and THEN arranged on the page.  Smart!
Running Out Of Wall Space: This Year's Daily 5 Anchor Charts {x2}
Roll & Retell: Would be a great Read With Someone activity!
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Spelling game