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a wooden fence that has plants growing on it and in the background is a brick walkway
VertiScape - Vertical Gardens
Nice Detail in VertiScape - Vertical Gardens wall
a tall stack of rocks sitting next to a building
An Irish garden in Wyoming?
Prairiebreak: An Irish garden in Wyoming? This couple has some sweet little details to their garden. I particularly like their ceramic water chain.
a white bunk bed sitting next to a red chair on top of a hard wood floor
High Sleeper Beds
neat bunk bed, desk, couch and bookshelf all in one
the table is white and has shelves on it
diy tutorial for a table that folds up into a picture frame
the table is white and has shelves on it
diy tutorial for a table that folds up into a picture frame
a room that has some wooden boards on the wall and shelves in front of it
de creatieve uitspattingen van een jonge moeder
#DIY Love this idea on the wall #houses
an outdoor area with rocks, grass and plants on the side of the building that is made out of concrete blocks
contemporary landscape by Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture
a pile of grass sitting on top of a white floor
6576 Hanging Garden
could be used as part of the Secret Garden's privacy design. It might make an interesting south wall if we incorporated a Moon Gate in Earth-Bag format. Then plant it with various shade loving plants such as Creeping Jenny and shade loving grasses.
the grass has been cut off and is being used as a retaining wall for an outdoor area
Vertical Stamping Pictures - Gallery - Concrete Network
Layers, Concrete Wall Vertical Stamping Ron Odell's Custom Concrete Woodland Hills, CA
a wooden bench sitting next to a lush green park
Timber retaining wall
there are many steps made out of wood and plants on the side of the hill
Hankle Lumber Landscaping Retaining Walls
tiered retaining wall idea with stairs for backyard
japanese garden inspiration for your backyard
1950's ranch renovated - sublime decor
like the idea, just wonder whether there's enough space to work comfortably on the upper levels...
an image of a wooden walkway in the middle of some plants and grass on top of it
Green roof and vertical garden are an interesting way to incorporate nature into (and onto) your home.