John-Alec Grbich Waipouri

John-Alec Grbich Waipouri

John-Alec Grbich Waipouri
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Watercolor and black gesso on Arches cold pressed paper. My love of music, Mozart and a piano playing mother inspired this piece and a series of music based paintings. Prints and note cards also available.

route119: i’m never drawing rocks or cave interiors ever again

This has to be the best Pokémon Fan Art I've seen yet, even though I don't like the Eevee evolutions (Eeveelutions). This is some awesome art!


oh how i wish these hand signs actually made me a ninja and could use chakra aww to bad naruto the shit

Hình ảnh được nhúng đến liên kết cố định

Aw, my little descendants want to be part of my clan!

Orochimaru character info - Naruto

Actually orochomaru is ex leaf village they've been lying to us lets the start the 5 great shinpbi war

Deidara character info

Deidara character info ~ Deidara is probably my favorite Akatsuki member besides Itachi