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the beach is next to some cliffs and water
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The 12 Apostles along the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne Australia
a koala sleeping on top of a tree branch
Koala at Higashiyama zoo
(Amazing wildlife - Sleeping Koala photo #koalas)
a mother koala and her baby on a tree branch
Beauty Rendezvous
Koala Mother Holding Joey Australia by Suzi Eszterhas
a koala bear climbing up a tree branch
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Koalas will forever remind us of our Libby kitty.
a kangaroo standing on the edge of a body of water with trees in the background
Cape Hillsborough: A Beautiful Sunrise with the Kangaroos - Travel Photography
Cape Hillsborough Kangaroo on the beach
two kangaroos standing next to each other in the grass
6 Unique Animals of Australia | EF Go Ahead Tours
Australia_animal Saw them in Australia, what fun to watch.
a small kangaroo jumping in the air on a dirt road with no one around it
Wildlife Animals & Nature
Kangaroo by Jacky Kobelt
two kangaroos are running in the sunset
Kangaroo silhouette in Australia • photo: John Dalkin on Flickr
a small kangaroo standing on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean with other animals in the background
"Just Being A Beach Bum!" Lucky Bay, Near Cape Arid, Western Australia.
a person sitting on top of a large rock cliff with the sun setting in the background
Homepage - The Beauty of Travel
'Bloody Mary' St Mary Peak, Flinders Ranges, South Australia by Dylan Gehlken