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Vintage inspired wedding hair and makeup

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My creative work - modern bridal hair and makeup, inspired by my favourite vintage eras

Red Hair set off with ivory skin tones and rose coloured lips #vintageinspiredwedding #bride #redhair

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My version of 1940's victory roll, always a classic look for any bride. Keep eye makeup simple, using a soft grey socket line and strong black eyeliner. To complete the look, dramatic lips using illamasuqa lip colour in Box. #vintageinspiredwedding

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My take on 1930's film star Veronica Lake, what inspiration. Lip colour - MAC up the amp, to keep it modern and fresh. #vintagebride #bride

Amazing dress, thanks to #vintageinspiredwedding

Beautiful red hair!! My favourite hair to work with. #vintageinspiredbride