My Own Artworks

A range of artworks that i have personally created over the years ranging from painting, drawings, 3D works etch taken from my deviantart account
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Untitled by on @DeviantArt

Untitled by on @DeviantArt

pink cherry blossoms. by on @DeviantArt

part of my year 12 art board acrylic paint on paper pink cherry blossoms.

Untitled by on @DeviantArt

Untitled by on @DeviantArt

black eye by on @DeviantArt

this is also another one thats going on my bord for class black eye

the dancing cat by on @DeviantArt

this is a weird character that i have created there are going to be others similar to him which i will put up on deviant art soon hope u like him the dancing cat

serpents protector by on @DeviantArt

serpents protector by on @DeviantArt

queen of the butterflys by on @DeviantArt

queen of the butterflys

baby dragon tattoo design by on @DeviantArt

just a painting of my baby dragon tattoo that i have designed have several different variations on deviantart. the blue red and yellow represent the egg baby dragon tattoo design

dragon prime colour border by on @DeviantArt

Part of year 12 art board dragon prime colour border

teddy bear by on @DeviantArt

an old drawing of mine that i did a long time ago teddy bear

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