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Painting with Watercolors, Glue, and Salt.  So cool, I want to do this!

Painting with Watercolors, Glue and Salt - simple and fun. The glue creates designs on top of the paint. The salt creates a pretty starburst effect by soaking up paint pigments as the painting dries. And as an extra bonus: the salt sparkl

3 simple and engaging ways to create beautiful art with sandpaper.. Easy kids art projects.

Art activities for kids : Sand paper art Use sandpaper as a canvas and introduce these fun art activities for kids using 3 very simple methods This post may c(.

Paint brushes made from leaves. Forest Schools. Outdoor learning. Painting. Creative Development. Teaching. Classroom. Resources. EYFS. Early Years. Reception. Children. Learning.

"Textured Painting - Natures Paint Brushes" This is not just art, but art in nature! Go on a nature walk to gather 'schtuff!' Then use what you gather to create art or As art!

Fun and Easy DIY Paintbrushes to get your Kids Creating!

Fun and easy DIY paintbrushes that get kids creating! Use with different "textures" of paint for even more possibilities. These are fun for every day painting or would make a great activity for a kids art themed party.