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How to do Ballet Exercises at Home

A few ballet exercises that anyone can do at home include floor stretches to increase flexibility, Pilates moves to elongate the muscles and foot strengthening using a thera-band.

These are fun, new stretches to incorporate into your classes. Doing these stretches will push your students further to gain flexibility and improve their splits- at any level. Turn back leg und.

Before a dance class (or any workout session!), it's important to take some time to give your body a proper warm up. Warming up is a series of activities that gradually increase your heart rate and blood flow to muscles.

My favorite toning exercise! Wide Plie What It Does: Tones quads, inner thighs, and calves. How to Do It: do deep plies, bending the knees deeply until they're directly over your toes. On the last plie, lift and lower heels together 10 to 20 times.

Quest for a Ballet Body: The Ballet Stretches I don't think a ballet body is in the cards for me, but who doesn't love lengthening muscles and building flexibility :)

Heel Lift: -->What It Does: Tones hips, glutes of the lifted leg, and quads of the standing leg; --> How to Do It: Push heel toward the ceiling. Pump leg up and down 10 to 20 times. Repeat on other leg.

Adult Ballet Class Standing at the Ballet Barre -what is the correct height for the barre?

You don't have to be a professional ballet dancer to benefit from the moves they use during practice and competition. Some ballet exercises are ideal for a home workout and strengthen the muscles .