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Illustration of two hands hovering over Chrome browser elements, including a tab icon with a label that reads “organize tabs” and another that says “Customize Chrome.” One hand holds a pill-shaped icon labeled “create.” Text reads "How we developed Chrome's first AI tools" Technology, Google Chrome, Over The Years, Projects To Try, Tools, Quick Saves
How we built Google Chrome’s first AI tools
Browser technology has evolved a lot over the years. Here’s how AI’s making Chrome even more helpful.
New AI features coming to Chromebook Plus
New AI features coming to Chromebook Plus ✏️ Help me write 🖼️ Generative AI wallpapers and VC backgrounds 📷 Magic Editor in Google Photos ✨ Gemini on Chromebook Plus
An open, red Chromebook is positioned on the left side of the frame of a photo, revealing about half of the right side of its keyboard. A white cord stretches across from the right side of the image, plugged into the Chromebook. Text reads: How we developed the charging sound for ChromeOS Teamwork, To Create, Sound
How Google created the new ChromeOS charge sound
Prior to a recent release, ChromeOS never made a peep — now, users hear some delightful sounds to indicate charging status. Here’s the in-depth work that went into creating them.
An open, black Chromebook sitting on a wood desk. The screen shows an article with the headline “The Gemini Era.” The open Chromebook reveals a keyboard of all lowercase letters. Text reads "Why Chromebook keyboards have lowercase letters" Memes, Study Planner, Lowercase A, Lower Case Letters, The First, Product Launch
Why Chromebooks have all lowercase keyboards
Google designers explain why all keys on Chromebook keyboards have been lowercase since the first prototype, the CR-48, was launched in 2010
Chromebook Plus: more performance and AI capabilities
The new Chromebook Plus gives you more power, more memory and more storage. Plus: AI-powered tools from Google and Adobe, so you can do more, too.
An illustration for a puzzle piece with people sitting on the edges working on their laptops. There are Chrome extension logos floating around them. Text reads: "5 Chrome extensions that help me get more done" Google Chrome Extensions, Chrome Extensions, Stay Productive, Chrome Extension, Increase Productivity, Earn Money From Home, Teacher Hacks, Money From Home
5 Chrome extensions to increase productivity
A writer shares how she uses Chrome extensions to stay productive, from translating text to converting files and more.