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Story title: Simplify trip planning with Gemini Advanced. Above the title is a flow chart, with words and photos as nodules in the chart connected by blue, pink and purple lines. Words include Miami, Labor Day, fresh seafood, art, Gmail, Activities and Ceviche. Space Time, Trip Planning, 1 Million, Save Yourself, Coming Soon, Thing 1, Marketing, How To Plan
Simplify trip planning with Gemini Advanced
Coming soon, we're adding new trip planning capabilities to Gemini Advanced. With advanced reasoning that considers space-time logistics, Gemini will be able to create a personalized itinerary, saving you hours of work.
Google Quick Tip: Here's how to improve your writing with Bard
Here's how you can have Bard analyze your text, adjust spelling, fix grammar and review sentences for a better flow.
This is how to export responses from Bard to Docs and Gmail
Here's how to export Bard responses to Google Docs — or use your Bard response to start a draft in Gmail.