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This blue was purely unintentional as scientists wanted to figure out a way to protect strawberries from frost and found that a gene in “Artic Flounder Fish” produced antifreeze properties to protect itself from freezing waters. The result of genetically modifying this gene created a shockingly blue fruit that can withstand very cold temperatures and won’t turn into mush in your freezers.

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A reconstruction of the oldest known bird, <em>Archaeornithura meemannae</em>, whose fossilised remains were discovered in China.

Birds' Oldest Ancestor Lived 130 Million Years Ago : The ultimate early bird, Archaeornithura meemannae, lived million years ago -- pushing back the evolutionary record of modern birds by around 6 million years.

New Research Reveals Opah as the First Warm-Blooded Fish

In May of the first warm blooded fish was discovered. Lampris guttatus (otherwise known as Opah or Moonfish) is a deep-sea dwelling endotherm, meaning it internally regulates its body.

Is the neuron damage of Alzheimer's caused by iron? <i>(Image: Marc Phares/SPL)</i>

Iron levels in brain predict when people will get Alzheimer’s

Why do dead whales explode?

A dead blue whale washed up on the shore of an eastern Canadian on beach at Trout River, in Newfoundland town several weeks ago. Why do dead whales explode?

website to use when teaching how viruses invade the body

How a Virus Infects You.In the lytic cycle, the virus reproduces itself using the host cell's chemical machinery. The red spiral lines in the drawing indicate the virus's genetic material. The orange portion is the outer shell that protects it.

A layer of human skin made from stem cells by a 3d printer.

L'Oreal have teamed up with bioprinting startup Organovo, to begin printing human skin tissue for use in cosmetics testing.