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the cover of dazed magazine features a woman in a blue dress and high heeled shoes
Kirsten Dunst, star of Sofia Coppola's The Beguiled, fronts the summer issue of Dazed. Photography Casper Sejersen Styling Robbie Spencer
a young boy is featured on the cover of bloomberg's business week magazine
This week's @BW cover, with a photo provided by Elon Musk's mom.
the movie poster for vinyl riot with two women laying on top of each other in bed
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Vinyl Riot Cover Image | Issue #5
a woman with a turban on top of her head in front of a blue background
Seasons of life. July-August 2013
✖ Seasons of life. July-August 2013 lifestyle magazine
a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes is featured on the cover of an editorial magazine
Flair Magazine #12 | Aymeline Valade [Covers]
an old photo of two women walking down the street with bags on their back legs
Marlow Inc. / Diner Journal Issue 27
Diner Journal Issue 27
a magazine with an image of a woman's dress on the front and side
Graphic design inspiration | #557
Daily graphic design inspiration | From up North
the cover of la lettura magazine features a woman's face with pink hair
a woman in a red dress is featured on the cover of an article about new optimism
the cover of magnificent magazine features a woman walking down stairs with her hair blowing in the wind
42 Absolutely Stunning Magazine Covers | #566
Follow pin to link - great covers. Also cover name idea - written in cursive gives artist's portfolio feel.
the cover of vanity magazine features two men dancing together, one holding his hat and the other looking down
Newest covers | Coverjunkie
Variety (US), Photographed by Peter Hapak
a young man wearing a yellow hat and looking at the camera with an abstract background
Burton Snowboards Creative Director Greg Dacyshyn Interview - Bitchslap Magazine
a magazine cover with an image of a woman in white shirt and pink pants on the cover
Graphic design inspiration | #514
the kiss me issue cover features two people kissing each other with their heads close to one another