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How to Make a "Robotic Hand"
Fun buffet silverware arrangement
Working Alone with Plywood - Woodworking Techniques - American Woodworker -   Simply tie a loop in each end and you have a simple handle for your sheet stock.
Tabouret | Stool
Upcycle breadbins into corner cabinets - Lulastic and the Hippyshake
Scrap wood router jig. For flattening large log disc More
Creative Cutlery Display for a special event - palm tree is formed by using forks for palm leaves, knives for the trunk and spoons for the coconuts. Perfect for a tropical-themed party!
recycled art from cans
Ninja Fidget Spinner DIY - Paper Only, NO TEMPLATE Needed. The fun with Fidget Spinner DIY continues. Don't have time to print off a template? Don't fear. Today we have an Origami Fidget Spinner DIY for you. Well.. it is BASED on the Origami Ninja Star.. and then quickly and easily turned into a Ninja Star Fidget Spinner DIY. Enjoy!