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wood slice art

Made to Order Moon Sculpture Garden Art Repurposed Recycled Wood slice sculpture Tree slice abstract shape free form

385g tin Nestlé Caramel treat

This is without a doubt the easiest, most indulgent dessert ever! The ultimate no-bake caramel walnut chocolate tart, scattered with Hawaiian black salt.

LOL!  lmao this mangy ass fox is so accurate of Ashley in the morning and Ashley whilst plotting someones death

This makes me laugh so hard. That's exactly how my husband looks in the mornings.

Too many pics online like this!! So funny!

Funny pictures about When you switch to your front camera. Oh, and cool pics about When you switch to your front camera. Also, When you switch to your front camera.

25 Pictures That Are True For Absolutely No Good Reason

The ultimate sign of defeat. It's funny bc this is exactly the face I make when I'm mocking someone's laugh. I also always hold a half eaten apple when I'm doing it.

More beautiful for having been broken…>>> Food for thought for how God's Grace acts in our souls! :-)

Pottery quotes for my favourite potter. I love the cracked gold bowl- If you have been broken, mend yourself knowing that you will become more beautiful. an apology cannot repair something you've done without thought.

Haha I about died at the end.

I about died at the end.<<< when i read that i almost dropped my laptop>> i laughed soo hard I started crying.<<< simply dying<<< I thought it was hilarious but I didn't laugh