14 ways to de-stress the morning rush - Bloggers Club

14 ways to de-stress the morning rush - Bloggers Club

bloomista flowers for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is only a few days away and if you are anything like me, you probably have no idea what to get for mum.

I goo’d and gaa’d at the pictures of the adorable new royal baby along with the rest of the world but god damn woman! How do you look like that in a matter of hours after giving birth!

Kate Middleton Moving Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and Prince George to Anmer Hall: Visit Queen Elizabeth in Privacy


10 Things My Mom Taught Me About Being A Mom. Aside from the faith part, yes, those are all things my mom taught me.

When they cry…..kiss them

When they cry….kiss them

Jerks, assholes and narcissists

For all the sweet, caring, nurturing souls who are forever asking themselves what they did wrong.

How to dress for your body shape

Dressing for your body type. Find Fashion That Flatters Fashion is all about dressing your body. If you know your body shape — and every woman should — then you will be able to find clothes that fit and flatter.