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a painting of two people dancing in front of a cityscape with lights on
Bert Christensen's Cyberspace Home, Under the Stars by Brent Lynch
Under the Stars by Brent Lynch
an image of some white flowers on a cell phone
Beautiful painting.
a painting of two people dancing in the street with one holding his arm around the other
Dancing Tango
a painting of a man with an umbrella standing in the rain on a rainy day
yağmur sokak ve adam
a painting of a woman in a red dress holding an umbrella
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Rainy Saturday .. ..closing the month of August with a nice cool fresh morning, here in Seattle ♥ Josie 08*30*2014
painting of people walking in the rain with colorful umbrellas over their heads and feet
viktoria prischedko
Viktoria Prischedko
a watercolor painting of a ballerina dancing
two people standing in the rain with an umbrella
andre kohn prints - Google Search
an acrylic painting of a man and woman dancing in flamenco dance dress
The line, the brush work, the colors and the subject all say movement.
an oil painting of trees with red leaves on the ground and water in the foreground
Fall leaf picture