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a woman with blue eyes and gold headdress is posing for a photo in front of a black background
Theda Bara as Cleopatra
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Theda Bara
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Cleopatra (1917)
an old photo of a woman dressed in costume and holding her arms out to the side
An explosive costume for the silent screens greatest temptress, Theda Bara, playing history's greatest temptress, Cleopatra. The heart of Bara's filmography (including interpretations of Carmen, Dubarry), remains inexplicably AWOL. These photos only whet the agony, as does a handful of surviving footage of only scant duration.
an old photo of a woman dressed in native garb and headdress holding a staff
L'ancienne cour - Miss Constance Collier as Cleopatra
L'ancienne cour
a woman sitting on top of a gold couch with her hand up in the air
Cleopatra Regal by RichardKnightly on DeviantArt
an old photo of a woman dressed in costume and headdress sitting on a stool
a painting of a woman sitting on a red couch wearing a gold dress and tiara
Which Ancient Queen Are You?
a painting of a woman laying on a bed next to two men
Elizabeth Taylor Wallpaper: Cleopatra