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a man standing in the street with his skateboard
Daniel Sunjata ooo my baby ,.....
a man in a suit sitting down with his hand on his hip and looking off to the side
Evening Eye Candy: Daniel Sunjata
Daniel Sunjata
two firemen standing next to each other
Daniel Sunjata - Rescue me. best show, sexy man
a man leaning on the edge of a bridge with his arms crossed and looking off into the distance
Rescue me, fave show all time! Love Leary!
a black t - shirt with the number 52 engine 99 printed on it, in white
Rescue Me Ladder 62 Engine 99 T-Shirt
a man standing on top of a tall building in front of a cityscape
Rescue Me…Denis Leary is just sic and hilarious as always…plus there is eye candy like Daniel Sunjata!
a fireman sitting on a bench wearing protective gear
Denis Leary
Denis Leary Rescue Me
a fireman is walking down the street in front of a building with flames coming out of his pants
Rescue the top three shows of all time. If you have never worked around a bunch of guys this is how it truly is. You will never get sympathy from a bunch of guys...all in good fun. But they will always kick you when your down.
a group of fire fighters posing for a photo
Rescue Me doesn't pull its punches
Rescue Me - amazing show about NY firefighters struggling with the aftermath of 9/11.
black and white photograph of firemen with their heads turned to the side in profile
Rescue Me Archives – The Littlest Winslow
Just finished all seven seasons. Love,love,loved it from start to finish! Me Tv, Episode Online, Online Streaming, Tv Shows Online, Great Tv Shows, Tv Series Online
Rescue Me Finale Coincides with September 11 10-Year Anniversary
Just finished all seven seasons. Love,love,loved it from start to finish!