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two sculptures made out of wine bottles sitting on top of a stone walkway
At home in Mexico
The first priority after arriving in Mexico, was of course to spend some time with my girlfriend, Elba, who'd been waiting for me for the la...
there is a fake flower arrangement in the grass
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Inspired by the unique tradition and style of Ndebele house painting, this vibrant and beautifully patterned throw is bursting with iconic Ndebele style. The patterns and expressive symbols created on the walls of the houses serve as a form of communication between the different groups of the Ndebele people originating from the north-eastern parts of South Africa and into the southern parts of Zimbabwe
a woman is standing in front of a circular sculpture made out of sticks and wood
Tenniswood Inspiration
Tenniswood Inspiration - More inspiration at tenniswood.co.uk
two people are sitting on benches under some trees with red flowers in the middle of them
Inspiring Photo: Getty Gardens #7520941
Getty Gardens
an open blue door with pink flowers on the side and grass in front of it
Home garden decoration ideas easy ways to decor garden 2023