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Jul 15 5 TED Talks Every Preschool Educator Should Watch

TED Talks are a fantastic resource for Preschool Educator. These five are essential viewing for everyone working in early childhood education.

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Aug 5 Dee Why and Educa: Empowering Families

Dee Why Children's Centre and Educa form a partnership that empowers families. Brenda Bambridge - Centre Director discusses how…

Dee Why Children's Centre and Educa form a partnership for empowering culturally diverse families. Centre Director, Brenda…

Aug 1 Ready, Steady, Cut: Scissor Skills for Preschoolers

Start scissor skills early in preschool - without using scissors! Use these pre-scissor skills and basic cutting activities with preschoolers to develop hand strength and fine motor skills.

Jul 28 Reflective Practice to Support Playful Inquiry

Children are naturally playful, and naturally curious. As educators, we want to nurture and encourage this capacity for playful inquiry, and evenengage in playful inquiry ourselves. But just wanting to have a program rich in exploration and deep investigation doesn't seem to do the trick! Sarah Felstiner from Hilltop Educator Institute reflects on some of the specific structures administrators and educators at Hilltop have put in place to try and support reflective teaching.

Jul 25 The Where, Why & How Of Displays in Early Childhood Settings

Jul 11 Why Investing in Early Childhood Education Pays Dividends

Apr 8 What does 'Care' really mean for under threes in early childhood education?