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Almost. I am not dumb, I was the last choice - second would have been good - and I wasn't a hated child. I was just ignored and neglected.

i am.the fat friend the ugly sister the dumb classmate the second choice the depressed girl the hated child the bitch the ugly ducking the girl that will never be good enough ( this is how I feel sometimes )

I'm so proud of chicken nugget /// there's a video on YouTube of chicken nugget being set free into the wild it's p emotional

I'm so proud of chicken nugget <<< this is so sweet awh<<<chicken nugget is a chicken wing!

“So my driving teacher has three fingers on one hand and four on the other and he makes puns about it and it’s great. And today he was like “I went to the museum and found my ancestors’ look guys!

tall girl problems

Tall Girl Problems: boys also don't want to date you (even ones with blue hair!

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