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James and Oliver Phelps were pretty much perfectly cast.

11 Times The Harry Potter Cast Proved They Were Actual Best Friends - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing

This whole scene was funny. From Cap stealing the old car, to Bucky asking Falcon to move his seat up, and back to Cap kissing the niece of his first love.

Avengers One Shots (REQUESTS OPEN!)

Captain America : Big Man in a suit of armor. Take that away and what are you? Iron Man : Naked of course!

Natasha Romanoff

A Black Widow; hanging by herself on a single thread; is a deadly thing.

Nerf || Clint Barton || AskHawkeye || #fanart

On Valentine's day he aims for everyone's arses and only answers to "Agent Cupid". He keeps shooting Steve whenever he talks to Natasha.


thor and steve are freaking out, tony's just being tony, and clint and black widow are just chilling in the back. << actually I'm pretty sure Clint is hiding on Natasha's back

::whimpers:: Anthony

Secret plot of Ant-Man 2 revealed! (People keep spelling the ants name wrong, it's Antony. If people are going to make comic strips with him in it, they need to spell his name right.