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jurassic park visitor ticket Phone case for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

A snap-fit case that provides protection to the back and sides of your phone from daily wear and tear. Fits for Apple iPhone & iPod, and Samsung Galaxy smar

Bloody Health and sodding Safety! I blame the lawyers and insurance companies for this sanitised norm.

In a society that has destroyed all adventure, the only adventure left is to destroy that society.

graffiti bathroom CBGB club new york

graffiti bathroom CBGB club new york. // graffiti bathroom ---- there wasn't one place in the whole club that wasn't covered with band stickers, band names, obscenities, more stickers, more graffiti. it was a work of ART !

Punk's Not Dead. Punk's Sleepin' Drunk. Anarchy. Leather Jacket. Spikes. Studs. Dude. Black And White. Mohawk.

People often assume that by the looks and clothes of punks they can see that they belong to that culture, however that is not always the case. Many punks dress differently and can not be identified as punk based on their clothes.

You know if...

Since I lack the motivation to do anything else. Today my pretty drum kit gets shined up. She's damn dusty.

Snares | RT Customs

Still one of our favourite snares to date. Hope it's doing well over in France. by rt_customs