Building Activities for Kids: Play Based

From baby's first block stack to teen created architectural wonders, here are some amazing ideas for building with blocks!
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a lego girl with an orange shirt and black hair standing in front of a green background
How to Make a Stop Motion Video With Your Kids, LEGO Style
Are your kids bored this summer? Make a low- to no-cost stop motion movie with your family.
a person pouring liquid from a bottle into a beakle with an object in the background
15 Fun and Educational Activities for Kids - Lovebugs and Postcards
Dry Ice Bubbles - Science fun for kids
an object made out of wood and plastic
How to Build a Wind Turbine for Your Science Fair
How to Build a Wind Turbine. If you look closely you can see that it's nothing more than a plastic water bottle with cardboard (balsa wood?) top and bottom mounted on a dowel. How cool is that!?!?
three different types of lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling and on the wall, one is made out of plywood planks
34 Beautiful DIY Chandelier Ideas That Will Light Up Your Home
With over 30 beautiful examples of a DIY chandelier, we show you how to easily add a little something special to any area in your home.
a wooden block with screws attached to it and two wrenches in the middle
Instructional videos for Montessori materials
Ontdekbak: gaatjes, bouten en moeren.
someone is cutting out some paper to make a monster
cereal box monster jaws | fun & easy big kid craft
DIY Monster basteln. Einfach mit Karton *** DIY fun monster jaws from cereal boxes - easy kids craft.
many rolls of tape are in a box
several white pipes and fittings laid out on a table with the words click here
PVC Pipe Heart Engineering Project for Kids - Little Bins for Little Hands
PVC Pipe Heart Building Large Heart
two wooden model boats are stacked on top of each other and one is made out of cardboard
DIY-Marmorlauf ..., #marmorlauf
a lego christmas game with the words 25 days of christmas
- Mom For All Seasons
25 Days of Christmas LEGO Challenge
the instructions for how to make an easy lego paper airplane launcher that kids can use
LEGO Archives - Page 2 of 19 - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
Two Ways to Build a LEGO Paper Airplane Launcher
the pinterest app is showing an image of a wooden table with a sign on it
Portable DIY Lego Table
Love Lego? Make this easy portable DIY Lego table from an old TV stand. You can even have it match your decor. A Lego mat, paint, glue and stencils. Voila!
two bowls filled with different sized and shapes of plastic pipes on a black counter top
I pinned this as a reminder to look into PVC pipe as possible construction/block area material. Also to think of ways to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
there are many different pictures with words about camping and activities for kids to play in
15 Indoor Camping Ideas for Kids
12 Indoor Camping Ideas for Kids - fun idea for getting kids to read especially on bad weather days or hot summer days! Also a great classroom theme for preschool, kindergarten and elementary ages. Edventures with Kids
building with sticks and playdough is an easy activity for toddlers to do
Building with Sticks and Playdough
Building with Sticks and Playdough - easy to prepare engineering project for kids!