Contradictions - Kleenex paper dress finalist.

Design students scrunch, fold and sew their way into paper dress finals

Both Worlds- Kleenex paper dresses finalist

'Both Worlds' 2013 by New Zealand designer Vili Ton (a soft orbiting paper dress skirt contrasts with a tailored architectural bodice). The pleated bodice detail is a hat tip to the kauri canopy of the Auckland Art Gallery, one of his fav.

Camellia Dress -  Kleenex paper dresses finalist

Finalist Camellia Dress by Kat McLeod of NZ Fashion Tech

Kleenex Dress by Kapi Fonua

Kleenex Cottonelle Paper Dresses Challenge: Winning design is a glamourous and luxurious white cocktail dress with mesh bodice and beautiful tissue paper ruffles at the hem of the asymmetrical skirt.

Kleenex Paper Dress by Kapi Fonua

'Pohutukawa' 2012 by Tongan-born New Zealand designer Kapi Fonua (pohutukawa leaf-shaped lace toilet paper dress) sewn into the bodice of a whisper-light dress that cascades into a profusion of petals.

Kleenex Dress by Kei Ho

Kleenex and Fashion Week bring back the toilet paper dresses

Kleenex Dress by Tanya Jeffrey

Back in 2009 and we saw the first toilet paper dresses from Kleenex grace the runway at New Zealand Fashion Week. Students at fashion school NZ Fashion Tech in .