Here is a great reminder about how goals are something we are working toward and give us a map of where we are going but that fear and setbacks are a part of the journey. Growth occurs when we learn along the way. This is a great message to remember when you feel like you are getting off track.

Goal setting is the compass to direct you to your success. Try these ideas to get started on writing out your goals.

Flax fish for Matariki - Fifi Colston instructions

Flax fish for Matariki - Fifi Colston instructions Link with "The Little Fishes" legend -

Classroom Treasures: Māori Resources

Classroom Treasures: Māori Resources I can take the roll using this - one of my practicum teachers did this!

Activity Teach your class this Maori Hand Game -Tutorial - YouTube

Students from Melville Intermediate in Hamilton explain how to play a traditional Maori Hand Game.

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