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a basket full of dices next to a printable race to the top game
Phonics Made Fun Level A (Short e Words)
the how to use decoodleable passages and freebied worksheet
How to Use Decodable Passages in Guided Reading to Boost Readers
Free Phonics activities 3rd Grade. Decoding short and long vowels. Reading worksheets
Free, engaging, no prep, age-appropriate reading intervention and spelling intervention to support upper elementary students (3rd, 4th and 5th grades. These phonics worksheets and decoding activities are designed to close reading and spelling gaps quickly. Science of reading aligned. Excellent for IEP goal writing and IEP or Intervention goal tracking. Phonics worksheets for older students.
rabbit and cat are shown in this worksheet to teach children how to read rabbits
Phonics Rules
a poster with two zebras and a girl on the other side that says, tommy loves friendly zebras if a word has one sylabble and ends in f
Phonics Rules
Phonics Rules
the beginning blends sentence worksheet is shown with text overlaying it
FREE Phonics Sentences Activities to Build Mastery and Fluency
100+ pages of targeted phonics skill sentences for FREE!
the book cover for decosable readers with pictures of children and their teacher's name
Why Every Phonics Teacher Should Use Decodable Readers
Why Every Phonics Teacher Should Use Decodable Readers
two posters with the words dad and tam on them
Why Decodable Texts Are Essential in the Primary Classroom
15 years ago I thought decodable texts were boring and had no place in my classroom. But boy was I WRONG! Read about why I now know that decodable texts are essential in the primary classroom and what the research has to say about the science of reading.
the free printable flueny passages for kids
Free Fluency Passages for Kindergarten - Simply Kinder