Sun painting

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the big ben clock tower towering over the city of london, england at sunset or dawn
The London Eye | House of Beccaria~. Via @houseofbeccaria.
two people riding surfboards on top of the ocean under a cloudy sky at sunset
Nature Wallpapers for Android, iPhone and iPad
two ducks are swimming in the water at sunset
Dreamy Sunset by Saija Lehtonen | Redbubble
an orange and red sunset over the ocean with waves in the sand on the shore
Oregon Coast
Oregon Coastal Splendor by Mark Rasmussen. I love the Oregon coastline, the stacks and the sky - it's just gorgeous. I still have an old photo from the last time I was down there.
a tree with no leaves is reflected in the water
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the sun is setting over a field of tall grass in front of a cloudy sky
Lady Halibut's Chambers
the sun is setting behind an ocean wave
Perfect barreling wave in the sunset
a field with purple flowers and trees under a cloudy blue sky at sunset or dawn
The Intrepid Traveler
a lone tree is reflected in the water at sunset with clouds reflecting off it's surface
the sun is setting over the ocean with clouds